The Various Applications of EMF Meters

EMF (electromagnetic force) Meters are scientific instrument which help in measuring electromagnetic force. Electro-magnetism is a phenomenon which refers to the magnetic properties of electric particles. During the flow of electric particles i.e. electrons, a certain form of magnetism is created which leads to the formation of an electromagnetic force. This force exists in most places where electricity or electronic equipment are used.
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The EMF meters help in measuring this force because of which they are used in a variety of industries and also have a wide range of applications. They are also available in many online and offline electronic stores.

Some of the applications of such meters are as follows:

1. Commercial Use – in various industries and factories where the workers have to use high intensity electrical equipments for a long duration every day, the employers use EMF meters to measure the electromagnetic force that exists there. By doing so, they try to understand if the radiation emitted by this force is too high. When it is found to be too high, they try to take measures to reduce it so that the health of their employees is not severely affected.

2. Government Use – various governmental organizations and NGOs use EMF meters to measure the level of electromagnetic radiation in commercial or residential areas. They do so to ensure that industries and factories follow the official guidelines laid down by the United Nations to reduce the level of radiation in residential areas. When any industry is found to violate these guidelines, they are usually fined and their registrations might also be cancelled.

3. Personal Use – due to the fact that people use a variety of electronic equipment these days, they are at the constant risk of being exposed to high levels of radiation. This is why, many people purchase and use EMF meters to find out if their place of residence is safe from electromagnetic radiation. The readings obtained from these meters help them to make sure that their house or office is not exposed to excessive amount of radiation.