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China is growing very vastly in the world wide, and their language are also foot printing in the worlds businesses. As everyone know that English is an international language but as China is growing, the Chinese language will also grow. So, we are working on the project to convert English to Chinese and Chinese to English so the trade and communication will become easier between you and China.

Business and individuals need translations for a variety of reasons: to increase website traffic and boost sales; to offer products and services to foreign companies; sell to a neighbouring country and the list goes on. Whatever your goal, a translator being fairly paid will spend time with you to learn what is the goal you want to achieve and focus on a text that will bring such results.

In translation services, the weight-and-measure tends to be the price per word. So if you need to translate a document, you would count the number of words in the document by MS WORD count words and multiply it by the price per word. How much is the price per word? Well, that varies from provider to provider.

Are you also the victim of any so-called cheap quality translation provider, and that’s why you are against cheap translation?

Then I am here to say that you are right but it is not always the case.

You should try and trust Do-transl ( translation services in cheap rates and high quality work done by humans.

100% translation is done by humans. There is also a proof reading system so that all mistakes of conversion will be sot out before delivering it to you translate english to chinese .

Do-transl the best solution around?

Based upon my personal experience and web research. I want to recommend you the following website for the translation of English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

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Services of Do-Transl:

Professional and affordable translation service can shorten the distance caused by language. We hope to build a bridge between Chinese and English to make life more convenient.

  1. Professional Team

At least 5 year’s translation experience. The total number of translated documents is more than 15000 files, with rich translation experience, which can provide customers with expressions and narratives more in line with local culture.

Most of our translators use Chinese as their native language and major in English translation, so they will present in authentic Chinese. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the translation.

We specialize in the following services:

>Translate English to Chinese

>Translate Chinese to English

Translation > Proof-reading > > Review > Submission

  1. Low price & High quality

We have high-quality professionals, and provide high-quality translation services, and supply to customers in good faith and reasonable price. We focus on the high-quality services of English and Chinese translation.

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