Natural Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

As more people are becoming interested in natural “green” personal care products, natural deodorants are becoming more popular. However, for those who experience underarm sensitivity, finding a deodorant made with natural ingredients that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin has not been an easy task.

People are becoming more aware of natural health issues and the presence of chemicals in products we use on a daily basis. In response to these issues, more are beginning to seek natural personal care products for daily bathing and grooming needs. Because of concerns regarding the safety of aluminum contained in antiperspirants, health conscious individuals are seeking deodorants without aluminum as an alternative to antiperspirants. However, for those who experience underarm sensitivity to deodorants, choosing a deodorant that is natural, effective and non-irritating can present another dilemma because natural deodorants can cause the same skin irritation problems as antiperspirants including, burning, itching, rashes and redness Deodorant for Sensitive Skin.

To address the unique needs of those with underarm skin sensitivity issues, deodorants made with natural ingredients for sensitive skin are now available. These deodorants are made with soothing bases of pure botanical oils including shea butter, soybean oil, and castor oil blended with baking soda, cornstarch and essential oils. This combination of natural ingredients provides effective odor protection without causing skin irritation.

Natural deodorants do not stop perspiration (sweating). Instead, the odor fighting ingredients in these deodorants neutralize and eliminate bacteria which causes odor. Perspiration is actually a healthy function, which allows the body to cleanse itself, get rid of waste (toxins) and regulate body temperature. Natural deodorants don’t interfere with these processes. Instead, they work to block odor by neutralizing bacteria contained in perspiration to keep you odor free.

I have found natural deodorants that contain essential oils to be even more effective after 5 to 10 days of use. The reason for this increase in effectiveness may be due to the antibacterial properties of essential oils used in these deodorants. Essential oils including lavender, geranium, lemongrass, bergamot, orange, lime and clove not only smell wonderful, they also have effective antibacterial properties that kill odor causing bacteria.