Like Quotes For Facebook

There are many quotes that can be shared via Facebook especially love quotes because it is the one that most quotes on the Internet are usually about. In this article, we are going to go through a number of them and if you like them as well, it would deserve a share on your Fb.

There’s a good quote on like from Anthony Robbins, which is “Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end. ” This one makes sense because after at some point being in love, people start to come with an expectation for their lover to be different than they have always been.
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A love would certainly only be endless as long as there is an acceptance of each others imperfection.

Next quote on love, “Find love with your heart, not together with your eyes. ” This one tells us to appear beyond the physical appearances whenever we are seeking for love. People are often choose to love based on what their eye like to see, which is not really permanent. What’s permanent is the articles of the heart. Since this estimates speaks the truth, it’s a good one to be shared on Facebook.

In case you are in a distance relationship, then this quote would be a good choice for you to reveal: “Distance can be measured. Love cannot. Love will therefore always get over distance. ” This quote points out to us that distance are unable to stop true love. A true love will still be strong as it is, despite the distance. Occasionally the physical absence could strengthen the love within the heart. If the couple are faithful towards each other, it will worth the mile together once they meet again to renew their love for each other.

One more love quote that which many of us can relate is “When love is not really madness, it is not love. ” This quote is perfect for Facebook share because it’s relate-able by many of us. Normally, even wise man could start behaving like child if he’s on love. Love makes people to remain young in their heart. They have no wonder there’s a saying that old folks who loves are not old. So really like and let your heart and soul stay young despite your physical age group.

Another love quote is through Oscar Wilde, “Do not love anybody who treats you like occur to be ordinary. ” You should always remember that your love deserves to be treated right. If it’s not being treated correct, there’s no point in love. It can better to move on and find love gowns worth spending time and energy. Always remember as said by Dr Steve Maraboli, “I find the best way to really like someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of themselves. “