Fortune Telling by Observing Animals

When someone can foretell just by looking at animals, then you would think it is craziest form of astrology. This particular theory is well known by several names such as zoomancy, alectryomancy and theriomancy. This particular method of fortune telling can actually foretell a person’s future using animals.

of astrology alchemy magic witchcraft and <strong>fortune<\/strong> tellingWe all have got heard of animal instincts and ラインの占い generally they are very reliable. This particular artwork is more than 2400 years old also it was practiced in Italy. The particular foreteller would use a hen or perhaps a rooster and then draw a circle on the ground. Around it 20 characters are written in Etruscan language; and in front of each of the characters, a grain will be placed. When the hen or the rooster picks the grain, the letter is observed and then it used to predict the future. It is somewhat related to the Ouija board.

The Babylonians used the Ox and splashed water on the mind of an ox that is sleeping. The particular ox’s reactions were noted as well as the foreteller used to make seventeen achievable predictions based on the reaction. In Indian people use a parrot to attract a set of cards just like tarot cards in front of it. These birds are trained to pick out the cards and after that the foreteller begins to deduce the particular bird’s instincts for you. It is used even today.

Africans from Zande would certainly place two leaves on an ant hill and based on what leaf the ant eats predictions are created. There are several other predictions or omens that we hear about animals like a dark cat should not cross the pledge or a dog should not howl in the night. These animals are recognized to bring good or bad predictions through their own actions.